Worry Bear Pairs are our most popular item and we can see why . The two bears you recieve will be a total mystery and completely made out of left over resin. This helps eliminate waste and creates a product with multiple uses compared to our mystery boxes. . What can you do with a worry bear pair? There are unlimited possibilities to our worry bears, but some of our favourites are: 1. If, like us, you have children with parents over two houses your worry bear pair gives you a bear to give your small person and a bear to keep with you so they have a link to you in thier pocket at all times. 2. Having a physical item to talk to worries about can really help vocalise whats wrong, example: "lets pick a worry bear to go in your pocket and he can help take all the worrys through your hand into his. Lets tell him whats making you nervous / hurting your tummy etc... 3. Worry bears are smooth with bumps in shapes and make great pocket fidgets for anyone with nervous hands, especially with shops opening and the ques comming back. 4. They can be split with two best friends for a physical link. 5. They are fantastic to collect and no two are ever the same! . Worry bear pairs come in a small linen bag. . Due to thier size worry bear pairs are not reccomended for under 36 months.Current turnaround time is 10 days.

Worry bear pair