• These measure 3.5 inches across the middle.

    They are FULL of huge chunks of texture and colour on top.

    Our tinker circles are made with new pieces and do not contain any recycling at this time. We are working on changing that but struggling to get the amount of recycling we need at the rate we are currently selling items.

    Our tinker circles not only work perfectly for any of our talking game ideas (see our how to guide to find out how we use our finders) but they have the added element of texture on top. We use texture in our pieces to help anyone who skin picks, skin grazes, thumb taps, nail picks and more, the different shapes on top allow your hands and fingers to repeatedly trace over them without injuring your skin.

    All our finders and tinkers are waterproof, they can be cleaned with soap and water and polished with any house hold cream polish and a microfibre cloth (not the spray), they can be used in cold or warm water, with sand, mud, slime or play dough.

    Our current turn around time is 10 working days.water,

    The Tinker circle