• Our tinker disks measure a HUGE 4inchs across the centre of the circle.

    Our tinkers are filled with recycled pieces of wood, plastic and metal and topped up with some new pieces when we don’t have enough recycling. Our current tinkers have 70% recycled pieces inside.

    They have one side that is FULL of texture. You can feel every lump, bump and edge. Perfect for looking and talking games ( see our how to guide to see how we use our fidget finders) They are water proof and easily cleanable.

    Our tinker disks come with a printed how to guide that acts as a conversation starter with your tinker.

    Tinker disks are fantastic for busy or nervous hands that seek sensory distraction, we’ve had amazing feedback on our tinker items from customers who are the careers of or are themselves neuro divergent. Our pieces are used and loved by people with ADHD, Autistic people, people with sensory processing disorder, people who suffer with anxiety, people who have Trichotillomania and more.


    Current turn around time is 10 days, unless you are having items drilled/welded together in a loose component set up and then our turn around is 3 weeks.

    Tinker disk