Our worry stones are brand new for 2022!

Our worry stones slightly vary in shape and size. They have a chunky feel to them which fills your palm but are small and delicate at the same time. They are filled with recycled pieces and are not only perfect as a visual finding distraction (see our how to guide to see how we use our finders) but they are super smooth with perfect rounded edges, making them tactile and lovely to move around you hands. (This is one of my personal favourites and lives in my coat pocket)

Your stone has a flat bottom perfect to practise stacking and encourage hand movement, it has a very slight smooth lip underneath.

Our turnaround time for worry stones is up to 4 weeks as each one is made to order.

Size: 2.3 inches at the longest point. 1.8 inches at the widest point. 0.4 inches at thick.

The worry stone