• The original fidget finder.One side is completely smooth and one side is textured with the beads/buttons inside.pocket sized for perfect on the go distraction.
    Perfect for looking and talking games ( see our how to guide to see how we use our fidget finders) 
    Hand sized means this piece works incredibly well as a phsycial distraction, it can be held like treasure and popped in a pocket or bag.
    Filled with recycled pieces everyone is different.
    Roughly the size of the palm of an adult hand these pop beautifully into a bag or pocket.These come in a circle or square shape and are both extreamly light weight. Square is 5 x 5 cm and Circle is 6 cm in diameter. 
    PLEASE NOTE: your item will look simular to this but every item has recycled items inside and the items inside your fidget finder will not be identicle to this photograph.

    The original fidget finder: Textured