• Our limited edition ocean tinker square measures 2 inches from corner to corner.

    With a perfectly smooth base the main purpose of this fidget is texture.

    The top is FILLED with small pieces of plastic and hashuge bumps, lumps, bobbles.

    Perfect for feeling/ rubbing your fingers on or around.

    Its compact size means it pops into a pocket or bag easily and is water proof so can be cleaned with antibac or soap and water.

    We have amazing customers who have given us wonderful feedback for our products, they are used and loved by people with ADHD, neurodivergent people, people who have Trichotillomania and more.

    There is no recycling in this item.


    Current turn around is 10 working days. Unless you are adding your square to a loose component piece and then the turn around is 3 weeks.

    The ocean drop tinker square