• This chunky 3D cube is filled with small recycled pieces making everyone different.

    12 distinct but smooth edges, perfect for finger tracing and love around your hand, 6 smooth flat surfaces that act like clear mini windows into the middle, each square showing you something different.

    Our cubes can be used as desk decoration for easy accessible distraction, in water, sand or slime play, in tuff tray set ups, as part of your fidget kit or you can buy more than one and use them for stacking! They work fanatically with our talking games (see our how to guide for tips on all our talking games)

    Measurements: 3.5 cm x 3.5cm

    Please note to make sure our cubes are as access and and safe as possible we have made the decision to sand and polish each of the 12 edges, this means that the very thin line where each edge meets is NOT crystal clear, it’s a very slight difference, but it is intentional to make sure the cube is as smooth as possible.

    Current turn around time: 10 days.

    The finding cube

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