• The orb is our brand new design for 2022!

    Bringing back the neautral meaning of the word fat is something i am personally very passionate about, fat isnt an insult or a bad word, it is just a descriptive word. It holds no morals or personality, it isnt good or bad, it just is.  By not saying fat or hiding from the word fat we allow it to be big and powerful. This orb is celebrate our language and take the power back from the word fat. Fat is not an insult, it is just a word. 

    The perfect mixture of small, subtle, smooth and textured our orbs meausre only 1.5 inches across.

    Each design has texture on the top side, where you can feel the shape and bumps of the pieces inside.

    Each design has a very small smooth lip all the way around the outside. Each design has a perfectly smooth base. Perfect for moving between your fingers, distracting anxious, worried, picking hands and giving you a physical item to concentrate on.

    We have amazing customers who have given us wonderful feedback for our orbs, they are used and loved by people with ADHD, neurodivergent people,  people who have Trichotillomania and more.

    This item has been designed for older children (14 years plus) and adults. Each design is made in mini batches and once they are sold out new designs will replace them - this is due to us using as many recycled products inside our orbs as possible and out stock changes weekly.

    Current turnaround time is 10 days.

    Black and white: Fat positive orb