What are our products for?

Beautiful pieces of pocket art for fidgeting hands, your inner calm, games and more!

Our products are created with anxious hands at the forfront of design and can be enjoyed by everyone, anxious or not.

Here you will find some examples of what we do with each item but the possibilities are endless.

A1 finders.jpg

Fidget finders

Fidget finders come in all different shapes and sizes, some are designed for in pocket subtle distractions for small hands, some are designed for multiple people to use at once, some are designed for the shape of hands that don't stop moving.

All of them encourage deep breathing, distraction, speech, language and a visual anchor.

All of them are waterproof, easily cleanable, heat resistant and are made with UV resistant resin and recycled pieces.

Every one is different as the recycled pieces we can source change weekly.


The original fidget finders

The original fidget finders are the fidgets that started this rollercoaster!

Small in size they are perfect for closed hands and pockets. Their small shape encourages finger tracing around the edges and easy tactile surfaces. Our original finders come in a circle or square shape, and can be completely smooth both sides or have a textured top perfect for tracing thumbs.

These small fidget finders are excellent for on the go, they can be subtly used in ques, waiting rooms, trains, buses, resturants etc

We use ours for grounding techniques, we play Ispy games, (can you see something blue, something beginning with B, a star etc) colour recognition, memory games, (looking at the circle and giving yourself a task to remember 5 things then putting it your pocket and seeing what you can remember. Using them to move around in a pocket between our thumb and fingers when we get nervous.  


  Large hand held fidgets 

Larger hand held fidgets are the heaviest of the fidget collection.

The finding square can be all one colour which works excellently for anyone with a safe or key colour, or they can be in rainbow colours. The Cloud fidget is the biggest, and only comes in randomly filled as its filled with alot of recycled pieces.

Both these fidgets are great for ispy games. Example: 'Can you find something round?' 'Can you find a heart?' 'Can you find something white?' 'Can you show me your favourite item?' each time a question is asked it allows time for whoever is being distracted to concentrate on the fidget and pick out the items instead thier overwhelming surroundings. 

Both these fidgets are great for matching games. Using your environment you can match greens to trees and plants, blues to the sky, circles to wheels, reds to flowers etc, this promotes conversation, colour matching and shape recognition as well as being a simple but exciting activity that can be constantly re-used.

03 tinker.jpg


Our Tinker disks and Tinker slabs are a house favourite in our home!

They are our only product designed purely with HUGE amounts of texture at the core for those fingers that love to get in all the groves. 

They are made with new items, and a handful of recycled pieces. We made the choice to make these with new items because the need for texture was so important not only in our home but the home of our customers.

The huge bumps and lumps are an added extra and all the finding games, ispy, colour recognition, questions, speech, conversation, lanuage and counting oppotunites are all here too.


Mildred Moon

My (jaz) personal favourite fidget finder the Mildred Moon. Smooth on one side and bumpy on the other she's perfect for busy hands. 

As well as working for ispy, matching, memory and talking games the shape of the moon encourages palm holding and the thick smooth edges encourage moving the moon around your hands naturally. 

This fidget is most popular with our ND adults.


Ispy heart

Ispy hearts are misty on the outside but perfectly clear underneath revealing all the treasure hidden inside.

 As well as all the classic fidget finding games the ispy heart has an added element of handheld love. The shape and the almost secretness of this piece means it doubles up really well as a worry heart, where you can encourage talking to it and trapping worries inside. It can be a physical object to concentrate on that fits perfectly in a palm.

Hand held fidgets

The sunshine is a thin piece just larger than an adult palm, one side is completely smooth and one side has a perfect circle etched in the middle. Perfect for finger tracing.

The sunshine is very light and can easily be span around 360 degrees between your finger and thumb


Hand held fidgets are designed for older teens and adults.

small pieces, customisable to be in any colour so its a safe piece for you and can be as loud or as subtle as you like.


The bee fidgets come in a pair, one hexagon with a bee on top and one hexagon with a raised honey  comb pattern on top.

Each pair can be customised for safe colours and to bring as much happiness as possible.

The bee fidgets are our smallest fidgets, with the most ridges and texture for perfect fidgeting.


Fidget necklaces

Beautiful pieces for adult hands.

Designed specifically with anxious hands in mind the fidget necklaces are for 14 years and upwards.

Each chain is between 28 and 30 inches long, this is for two reasons. 1: so that each necklace can be lifted over the head for easy access in a rush or panic, and 2: so that the pendant sits just below the chest bone allowing for your hand to play / fiddle with the charm subtly and easily.

The chains are either made from sterling silver plated nickel free metal or 24kt gold plated nickel free metal, this ensures we are as hypoallergenic as we can be whilst keeping costs affordable. It also means that the chains will last against hot and sweaty skin without quickly discolouring.

Each charm is designed with raised edges / pattern / shapes and is small enough to fit between your thumb and finger.